01 June 2006

Apple's take on MMORPGs

By Brad Cook
A little while after breakfast, you enter the Wailing Caverns to retrieve the four gems possessed by the leaders of the Druids of the Fang. You defeat each of them in turn and carry the precious stones to Nara Wildmane, a Tauren who dwells in Thunder Bluff. She expresses her deep gratitude.

During lunch, you help the Allies take the town of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands. Your emerge as one of the few who survive an intense firefight with Axis soldiers. The victory is not only key to the war effort, but it also earns you officer status, granting you the ability to direct future missions and lead troops into battle.

In the afternoon, you fly across a landscape studded with odd-shaped buildings and fantastic-looking characters. You land among a colorful group playing Tringo and join the action before taking to the air once more. You’re on your way to Atlantis, where you’ll tour the sights in a submarine.


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